Ever experience the sensation of losing yourself to the chaos of life? Us too. So we came up with a solution. Join us the entire month of May for our ‘MAY I BE PRESENT’ challenge.

Goal: sweat away the chaos and return to a lighter lovelier body and mind

Details: Between all three studios (East Lansing, Firefly, and Haslett) we will have 6 random classes chosen throughout the month where attendants will receive presents simply for showing up! Because showing up is 90% of the battle, the other 10% is just breathing in the rewards.
The only question left, are you ready to BE PRESENT and get PRESENTS?

How to get involved?


Check-in to the studio using Facebook each time you practice. At the end of the month we will randomly draw one winner from each of the studios to receive a Lululemon gift card. More check-ins means more chances to win.

Studios (all three: ELHY, Firefly, and Haslett): Each time you come to a class during the month of May you can fill out an entry and put it in the fishbowl.  Each studio will have a drawing at the end of the month for a special surprise prize package worth that includes a new Manuka or Synergy mat, new hot yoga shirt so you can represent your sweat life, and a surprise gift as well!


Post pics of how you are being present, on AND off the mat! Tag us and use the hashtags, #mayibepresent and #ffamelhhy
See you on the mat & at the barre!

At Firefly we strive to capture the spirit of yoga, while making it engaging, challenging, fun, and accessible. We believe that yoga is what you make it. Our instructors pull from a variety of modern and traditional yoga, mindfulness, cardiovascular conditioning and plyometrics to design sequences providing you with the strength, reflection and acceptance you need to face the day ahead. From the traditional classes like our gentle restorative and candlelight slow burns, to our decidedly non-traditional classes like Fired Up, we offer a practice as individual as you. All regular packages and memberships are good at our three Lansing area studios: Firefly Hot Yoga Bar, East Lansing Hot Yoga, and Haslett Hot Yoga. 

Our space is located in the 100 block of S. Washington Square in Downtown Lansing. We've been working hard at restoring the second floor of a 100 year old building with a goal of making it more efficient yet still trying to keep the integrity of the original architecture. While we have found new life by means of re-purposing lots of materials and pieces that were in the building we've also taken great care in choosingsome new improvements we think you'll love. We are the area's first studio to use the state of the art infrared radiant heating system from Enerjoy. This type of heat feels like you are under the warmth of the sun and it also is more efficient than a traditional forced air system. We also went with 100% LEDlighting throughout the space. Come stop by to take a look and/or drop in for a class. We look forward to being a part of this community!