Click above to go to the Mindbody scheduling system.

Click above to go to the Mindbody scheduling system.

All regular packages and memberships are good at all three of our Lansing area studios (Firefly Hot Yoga Bar, East Lansing Hot Yoga, and Haslett Hot Yoga) giving you a combined total of over 100 classes each week to choose from! Please check Mindbody (or click the MindBody picture) first for the most up to date schedules as the list below is meant to represent the schedule in general and is subject to change. Teacher changes and class changes are always reflected in Mindbody.

Please note that the studio space is limited at Firefly and pre-registering for classes is highly encouraged. You can pre-register by using the MindBody online or MindBody Connect from your phone, but please note that you still need to be to the studio at least 15 minutes prior to the class time to hold your spot. If you are running late, just give us a call so we can hold your spot.


The weekly listing below reflects the regularly scheduled classes at Firefly along with the teacher - these are subject to change based on holidays and special events so please use Mindbody for the most accurate and up to date schedule. 

SUMMER SCHEDULE (starting May 27th 2017)


6:00 am  $8 Hot Deal $ Advanced Power Vinyasa (with free flow) 60m- Kendall McDougall

12:00 pm   $8 Hot Deal $ Power Lunch 45m + 15m optional - Toni Thomas

5:30 pm Barre 60 60m - Jen Muffett (New time)

7:00 pm Slow Burn 75m - Josh Gramm (New time)


12:00 pm   $8 Hot Deal $ HiiT Vinyasa (60m - option to leave early) - Scott Gasparick (New class)

5:15 pm Gentle Flow 60m - Jenn Cousineau 

6:30 pm Power Vinyasa 60m - Maggie Olds

8:00 pm Candlelight Slow Burn 75m - Stephanie Baukus


6:00 am $8 Hot Deal $ Sunrise Vinyasa 60m - Chris Martindale

12:00 pm $8 Hot Deal $ Power Lunch 45m + 15m optional - Maggie Olds

5:30 pm Power Vinyasa 60m - Mike Richter (New time)

7:00 pm Barre60 60m - Hannah Burleson (New time)

8:15 pm Candlelight Slow Burn 60m - Elissa Voigt (New time)


12:00 pm  $8 Hot Deal $ Barre (60m - option to leave early) - Abbey Weston  

5:15 pm PiYo 60m - Danielle Polaskey (New class)

6:30 pm Slow Burn 60m - Scott Gasparick

8:00 pm Candlelight Stretch 75m - Ania Pathak


6:00 am $8 Hot Deal $ Sunrise Vinyasa 60m - Scott Gasparick

12:00 pm $8 Hot Deal $ Power Lunch 45m + 15m optional - Abbey Weston

5:30 pm HiiT the Barre Yo 60m - Abbey Weston  


8:00 am Power Vinyasa 75m - Abbey Weston

10:00 am $8 Hot Deal $ Warming up to Hot Yoga 75m - Jenn Cousineau (New time)

11:30 am Barre 60 - Hannah Burleson (New time)


9:00 am Power Vinyasa 75m - Scott Gasparick

11:00 am Gentle Restorative 75m - Brian Bridson (New class starts June 4th)

1:00 pm •AERIAL• - Flip & Fly Fundamentals - Restorative - Elissa Voigt (New time starts June 11th)

6:00 pm Candlelight Slow Burn 75m - FFHY Teacher


*Please note aerial classes have separate pricing and are not included in our regular hot yoga memberships or packages. Please see the aerial page for details.